Joe Moore

I'm Joe Moore, a graphic artist out of Muscle Shoals. I make cool art. Well, atleast I think I do. I'm still in high school, so finding time to do what I do isn't easy, but I do plan to put what I do up whenever I can. I hope you enjoy what I do as much as I do! :D

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this episode was so stressful

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i would use this guys artworks as my album covers (yes i know they are already existing album covers but damn)

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Breathe. Breathe…
Anxiety is and has always been my path to insanity.
Thoughts of the future, what problems I shall be dragged through tomorrow, piercing my esteem like a ring of thorns, stabbing, breaking, hurting, destroying-
The consistency in my disposition explains my craving for change. I see nothing in myself, I’m just hopeless, worthless, unimportant, useless, broken, ruined-
Then I see her.
Suddenly, everything has meaning. Why I exist in this place at this specific time has now retrieved an answer and possesses it with a strength never before seen in my life time.
The way she turns her head,
the way our eyes meet,
the way she slightly turns away, embarrassed.
The sparkle in her eyes,
The gentle stroke of her hair,
The beauty in her movements, her walk, her posture, her smile-
I can’t breathe.
I am astounded by such a possibility that she has the ability to take my breath away, then with a sudden glance force it into my lungs.
I start walking towards her.
I feel calmed, yet excitement rages in my chest,
a hot pressure hits my cheeks as I grow closer,
Yet at the same time the bitter cold runs through my spine, chilling to the bone.
She notices me approaching her.
She turns towards me.
How can so many reactions possibly happen within me due to a single being? Is it quite possible that she is the purpose for all this burning, freezing, aching, numbing, shaking-
Her eyes meet mine once again.
Suddenly, I understand;
Insanity only exists without her.